Sites 2 Remember: 12/06/2009

My love for the craft business grows more and more the deeper I delve into it. There are so many facets to it that in order to be successful you have to discover what each of those are and figure out your most creative way to be on the top of your craft (whatever that maybe!)

So far on this journey I have learned that an overwhelming need to have everything around you organized and clutter free is a must to be your most productive.

As a child my mom (who was an artist herself) always had to have the house clean and orderly before she could paint. I hated all the chores then & totally understand the peace of mind a clean fresh house can give versus a messy one.

For me this includes my supplies. I like my things organized by color and size. I have not perfected that by any means. In the next few weeks I hope to change the present state of my work area - the clutter is tragic.

My work space as digital art.

Keeping an organized computer is a must too! Having files and photos all jumbled will never help you list items faster or allow you to use your time efficiently.
Time is precious and you've got to make the most of what you have.

I have started to use StumbleUpon to remember various sites I come across. Those sites are a mix of all my interests. I thought I would keep site sharing on this blog to specifically crafting since that is what a good portion of this blog is about; my journey in the crafting biz.

This link series will be titled Sites to Remember followed by the date the list was made on.

All that said, here is today's list of sites I'd like to remember:

The Church of Craft: How to Start a Chapter





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