Paul's Plays with his Cousin & Gets his First Haircut

I have been SO busy lately because things are finally starting to come together :)I have a handful of things to update on. Here they are.

Nov.25th was Paul's first birthday. I didn't have much planned - other then to get his haircut later that evening. Sometime in the afternoon I got a text from my sister-in-law. Her and my brother both had the day off and invited us to hang out. I packed us up and off we went.

My brother and sister-in-law have a 2 (almost 3) year old who LOVES Paul. Now that Paul can crawl and pull himself up on things, it was a lot of fun to watch them interact more.

We had some nice food (she's an amazing cook!) and then Paul and I were off to my mother-in-laws for a lil more food and his first haircut.

I have to admit I was nervous and a lil emotional. It's a mom thing I guess.

How did Paul do?  He didn't like it very much.

Since his birthday was on a weekday, and the day before Thanksgiving- we had a small get together at my MIL's on the 29th.


That is his pint-life size Spidey doll and the afraid shocked reaction he had to it! It's his favorite to sleep with now - go figure!

It truly was a great birthday for him!

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Maggi said...

What a cutie! I wish Toot had that much hair! lol Happy belated birthday to Paul!

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