Too Busy to Save Money….

No. Never.

As my toddler grows bigger and more adventurous by the day, I find that I am having less time to do / get done the things I used to leisurely do. Most me time waits until he is asleep- napping or down for the night.

027 <—P with a little swimmer diaper on his head and his beloved cars. He put the diaper on himself.

I am constantly looking for any tool I can use to make  life a little easier.

I have started to make weekly menus – set shopping lists and lists of the things that need attention around the house. This includes bill cutting back to save money wherever we can.

I was surprised last month when we got our utilities bill to see that it was double what we had paid in previous months.  I studied the bill and then assessed what we had done differently.  A few things stuck out.

1. Air Conditioner usage

2. Dryer usage

San Diego gets HOT in the summertime. We thought that since we had the privilege of  having an AC that we would use it to combat the sweaty misery of the heat.

006 <--- Our AC.

I’m still not sure why, but for some reason it doesn’t do the cooling you would expect. Maybe it’s the way the house is split in two- idk.

In an effort to cut our expenses I stopped using the ac. I have placed fans around the house and keep certain blinds closed as the sun beats down on them. If that is not enough I open the doors to the outside to get a cool draft going through to air out the house. I also keep doors to bedrooms and bathrooms closed, turn off any lights or appliances that are not in use- anything to reduce the heat emitted in the house.

I also realized that with the heat in the house, I could seize the opportunity to start hang-drying our clothing. Not only do we save on not using the dryer (electricity and $ since it’s coin operated) but the drying of the clothes in the house makes it smell fresh and adds a bit of moisture back into the air.

007 <—The dryer I only use for unmentionables.

Currently I am using whatever we have in the house to hang the clothes on. Mainly our weight machine . 

I am pleased with the results and will continue to look for ways to save. 

Do you have any energy saving tips you live by? 



Re-building Life

Life is totally unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen. Some are prepared and can weather storms and others- totally blindsided.

I have been blindsided a few too many times.

It is my conscious decision to to hitch up my big girl panties and do what it takes to make sure that my family (dogs included) are sheltered from life's storms (as best I can).

I am a self-learner when it comes to budgets and household organization. My mom was in charge of money and bills and never really had a system. We always just barely made it.

Not anymore.

My first step is to create a Home Management Binder.


A simple binder, dividers and lined paper are all I need to get this ball rolling.

What will be kept in here:

* budget and money planning

* projects around the house

* daily schedule

* fun things for Paul calendar

* meal menus

* shopping lists

* appointment reminders and other important events

* birthdays, anniversaries etc.

* Important telephone #’s

You get the idea. It will grow as we grow and help me make sure I don’t miss a beat.


If you are looking to start something like this, stick with me along my journey. I will be continuing this as a series as the HMB grows, sharing links, tips and strategies.

I totally appreciate input too. Please share with us if you have made a system for your house hold. What works for you??


4 Months Later… Mama’s back.

As it has nearly been 4 moths without a post, I feel some catching up is in order.

When I last posted, I was in the middle of a move. A move that has made a huge difference in our lives. We didn’t move far- maybe 15 miles, but that was enough to brighten our moods and let the creative life blood rejuvenate and flow as it should.

Paul is thriving and loving his new bedroom. He is becoming more and more adventurous every day.

077He loves Matchbox cars and watching his daddy at the track. We have discovered that our new location brings us super close to Barona Oaks MX – a local motocross park with 2 tracks for riders to practice on.

022Joe has been dedicated to his riding and it is starting to payoff. He has raced now twice. The first being on Father’s Day – a special day indeed. Almost every weekend you can find me,  Paul and a few of our dogs in the shade under the trees observing or running around the track taking pictures.

I have been busy working on and dreaming up a world of Retro Diva goodness. Make sure you keep up-to-date with the TRD blog.  This is a dream of mine and I am hoping that with lots of learning, patience and supreme organization I can bring it all together.


On the Mamanomic$ front- I am working on an online home management system for my household. Its a bit of a project and of course I will be sharing as it develops.

Thanks for sticking with me while getting adjusted to new surroundings, a new town and some new responsibilities.

Much Love.



Helpful Checklists.

I am a girl that LOVES checklists. I always have. I make a checklist for most everything – just to keep me on track and focused on the projects I am working on. I never have just one project either.

I have moved many times in my life. Most of those moves were relatively simple. I could throw my stuff in boxes, pick up, move and set back up in a few days. Now that I have a family EVERYTHING is different.

I am not just moving myself I have Paul and Joe as well. And since we can’t just pause life so that we may move our home- life has to continue as normal as possible. It is a definite challenge but with help is totally manageable.

While the move was sort of a sudden one, these lists have been been helpful.

Start with this moving timeline. 

I started by going through all the little nooks and crannies and getting rid of all things that haven’t been used or looked at in the last year.  I’ve noted those who can help with moving and color coordinated the rooms and labeling system.


Each post-it is labeled according to the color of the sign for the room. This is to help whomever is helping us move know where to put boxes when they bring them in.

These Tips for successful packing are great to help keep you organized while the whirlwind of moving unfolds around you.

So far so good.

I am utilizing local grocery and goods stores for boxes. Often if you call in the A.M. they are willing to set aside their boxes for the day for you. 


Officially a Mama on the Move.

On the 3rd- we are going East. Only 10 min. It has been a bit hectic since we were blindsided by a Notice of Trustee Sale on the property we were renting.  Having lived here for 3 years we had thought about moving to a bigger place but it had yet become a set decision.


The house we are moving too is beautiful. Hardwood and  custom tile flooring,  beautiful marble like bathroom, a room for Paul, and ample room for us to be comfortable with the 4 dogs.


I have been using a lot of web resources to help me organize this move as best as possible so the transition smooth and easy and regular life can continue as quickly as possible.


Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the resources I find, the methods I find useful and updates on the progress.

Stay tuned.



Giveaways & The Retro Diva

I have to say I have been VERY busy this last week. Doing what? Well...
As you know I created RetroChristmas to bring some retro style to everyone's homes for the holiday season. This soon turned into me wanting to bring this concept (in several forms) to you not just at Christmas. SO I have created The Retro Diva. This is me.

When it comes to crafting, I can't sit still. I want to do it all.

And I will. I have started by creating a blog for The Retro Diva.

Please check out: and let me know what you think.

Check out this awesome giveaway on Today's Creative Blog:



A Sad Day...

There was devastating news from the fashion world today.

Alexander McQueen has past away. He was not only one of our modern fashion icon's but my absolute favorite fashion designer EVER.

So much so that I clipped everything I found of his in magazines and made the clippings into a scrapbook. I even used one of his early 00's look-books to create my entry portfolio into FIDM.

He was definitely loved.


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