GRAND OPENING: RetroChristmas

And the story goes....

I was trying to figure out what next to do for the holidays with the mass amounts of crafting oddities I have collected over the years. Then I came across some wooden oval shapes I had received as gift. Next I found an old calendar I had been saving for a special project (that I have never gotten too :/) Then I thought about Christmas and the poor pitiful tree we have that has never had ornaments on it.

Seeing as how this is going to be the first Christmas where Paul is able to participate (he was only a month old at the last one) I thought I should dig up that old Christmas spirit I lost sometime ago and give it a make over. I have decided to take Christmas and give it a Bullygrrl makeover. Then I came up with RetroChristmas.

This is the Etsy store I have designed to sell my unique ornaments and other special Christmas crafts. All items will have a retro feel as that is what I love. I love pin up's, polka dots, lace, and anything else that gives you that innocent seductive classy vibe.

Take a look at the RetroChristmas Store and let me know what you think! I would LOVE and totally appreciate the feedback!!


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