4 Months Later… Mama’s back.

As it has nearly been 4 moths without a post, I feel some catching up is in order.

When I last posted, I was in the middle of a move. A move that has made a huge difference in our lives. We didn’t move far- maybe 15 miles, but that was enough to brighten our moods and let the creative life blood rejuvenate and flow as it should.

Paul is thriving and loving his new bedroom. He is becoming more and more adventurous every day.

077He loves Matchbox cars and watching his daddy at the track. We have discovered that our new location brings us super close to Barona Oaks MX – a local motocross park with 2 tracks for riders to practice on.

022Joe has been dedicated to his riding and it is starting to payoff. He has raced now twice. The first being on Father’s Day – a special day indeed. Almost every weekend you can find me,  Paul and a few of our dogs in the shade under the trees observing or running around the track taking pictures.

I have been busy working on and dreaming up a world of Retro Diva goodness. Make sure you keep up-to-date with the TRD blog.  This is a dream of mine and I am hoping that with lots of learning, patience and supreme organization I can bring it all together.


On the Mamanomic$ front- I am working on an online home management system for my household. Its a bit of a project and of course I will be sharing as it develops.

Thanks for sticking with me while getting adjusted to new surroundings, a new town and some new responsibilities.

Much Love.


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M said...

Glad you getting settled.

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