Re-building Life

Life is totally unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen. Some are prepared and can weather storms and others- totally blindsided.

I have been blindsided a few too many times.

It is my conscious decision to to hitch up my big girl panties and do what it takes to make sure that my family (dogs included) are sheltered from life's storms (as best I can).

I am a self-learner when it comes to budgets and household organization. My mom was in charge of money and bills and never really had a system. We always just barely made it.

Not anymore.

My first step is to create a Home Management Binder.


A simple binder, dividers and lined paper are all I need to get this ball rolling.

What will be kept in here:

* budget and money planning

* projects around the house

* daily schedule

* fun things for Paul calendar

* meal menus

* shopping lists

* appointment reminders and other important events

* birthdays, anniversaries etc.

* Important telephone #’s

You get the idea. It will grow as we grow and help me make sure I don’t miss a beat.


If you are looking to start something like this, stick with me along my journey. I will be continuing this as a series as the HMB grows, sharing links, tips and strategies.

I totally appreciate input too. Please share with us if you have made a system for your house hold. What works for you??


EmilyClaireCreations said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I need to buckle down with family finances as well!

Didi said...

Of course!!! I love the researching and am more then happy to share what I find!

Josh said...

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