Congrats John Michael and Janine!

This last Saturday we got all dolled up and headed north to celebrate the wedding of my mans cousin. The venue was nestled in a community of homes - and very beautiful. I would have never assumed that the home would be so unique and beautiful.

The Levyland Estates is a 6,000 square foot home nestled between a lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. Not surprising, this home was featured on the cover of San Diego Home and Garden.Simply breathtaking!! If you have the money and would like some unique stress free vacation time- this is the home to rent.

Here are the few pics I took as it was a family event and juggling a one year old and a camera is next to impossible!! :

Overall, Paul did really well and was happy most of the day. As you can see he wasn't so jazzed about leaving the house. Once there he met some new baby friends and had a ball until everyone started getting loud, banging on their glasses and requesting the bride and groom to kiss. He was over it at that point and we went home.


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