The Start of '09-'10 Desert Season

A week ago today we packed up the truck with: Paul, his toys, playpen, food clothing and everything else for him, our 4 dogs, all their food and toys, my quad and riding gear, Joes bike and his gear, our tent and camping necessities, and enough water to quench a small army. It sounds like a lot and it was.

Ocotillo really isn't that far, but when you're driving at 2am on zero sleep with a few stops (Walmart and Carl's Jr) it will take more then a few hours.

We arrived so close to where we were going around 4-4:30 am. We were looking for Pole Line Road - a main road popular with campers. We kept turning down different roads unsure which one it was. The road signs were a bit off the paved road and we had to turn around in the dirt a few times.

Around 4 am we came up to Tarantula wash.

We realized that it was the wrong road and attempted to turn around. A few seconds into turning, the truck sat like a stubborn donkey and refused to move. The sand gulped up our momentum and- yes- we were stuck.

We saw the sun come up. It was beautiful.

We tried for an hour or so to get it unstuck ourselves. At one point we thought we had it and moved a few feet- only to get stuck again.

Paul and the dogs were in pretty good spirits throughout it all.

Finally after we realized we couldn't do it alone, Joe road to the camp and got help. Some guys with a big 4x4 came and saved the day. Once there we unloaded and set up camp.

We had a great time. I love the desert and will try to go out as much as possible this season. Some of our good friends were there and helped out with animals and cooking. Paul even got to spend sometime with his lil dog friend Lucy.

After 36 hours of desert the dogs were pooped (as were we) and ready to go home.

The desert is beautiful and I can't wait to go back!!!

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