Clip Collage Studio - OPEN

In my spare time I love to look at magazines of all types. Often if I see something that I like, I will clip it out and set it aside so I don't forget about it. I do this all of the time and wind up with boxes of random clippings.

For the last year or so I have been organizing my thoughts, ideas and clippings. I have started to put together my visions through clip collage. It is my quiet time that allows me to express myself through art:

Just a few examples. I have those and the rest of my collection listed for sale on my Artfire studio.

You may also use the Artfire rapid cart on any of my pages to look/purchase art work.

AND... as of this weekend I now have a Facebook fan page. This is he best way to keep up to date on my creative endeavors.

There are some good things in the works! Let's hope they pan out.

Much love everyone!

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