Adventures w/ Window Cleaner

I LOVE cleaning products. I don't know what it is - I always have and always will. They make the cleaning experience SO much more enjoyable (sometimes even exciting) for me.

I also love finding great deals on things and will usually never splurge on a cleaning product unless it is mandatory.

Like Woolite Dark.

The other day, I was getting some things at the 99 cent store and picked up this $1 gem!

Awhile ago Arm and Hammer came out with plant based cleaners. You fill up the bottle they give you with water, pop in the cartridge they give you, add the sprayer attachment and shake. I happen to have picked up their glass cleaner. So far I LOVE it!! Works just as well if not better then other cleaners and it was definitely the right price!!

Arm & Hammer
has a lot of great ideas for keeping things fresh and clean. I bought Costco size container of baking soda and now know how I am going to put it to use!!

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