The Blue Jean Standard

A few weeks ago my MIL (Mother-in-Law) took me shopping at our local Macy's for some basics. Having had a child almost 9 months ago, I have been working very hard to loose the baby weight. I have noticed a positive change in my body all over. I feel leaner and stronger then before. I have also literally been busting my ass to loose- a lot of hard work and effort. Now I am at the smallest that I was before I got pregnant. That's not saying much since I still have weight to lose. But it is an excellent start and great motivation to keep going.

Anyways, while at Macy's we came across the most adorable, comfortable and best fitting jeans I have ever tried on/ purchased. They are made by a brand called Hydraulic.

This is the sticker that was on the butt of the jeans when I bought them.

And this is the fantastic detail on the back pockets!!

I wasn't able to find the exact jeans for sale on the Macy's web (check it out) - but I did find a bunch more styles that I will def. be looking into purchasing.

Absolutely fabulous for the money.

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Ceanna said...

My favorite pair of jeans are also hydraulics. I got mine as hand-me-downs, and I didn't know where to get more... I will definitely be heading to Macy's for more now!!!!!

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